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Logres is targeted at the needs of emerging, small, and medium private enterprise and non-governmental organizations. We understand and enjoy the dynamic, often chaotic nature of these organizations as they define themselves to be understood and recognized within the markets they serve. We welcome the challenges that come with creating visibility and increasing financial resources for these growing organizations.

At Logres, we also understand the unique financial and resource pressures under which smaller organizations operate. We've been there; we've operated small businesses ourselves and have experienced the expense and overhead of 'hand-holding the consultants'. Our approach and compensation structure is designed to assist you in addressing these pressures because we know how important efficiency and effectiveness is for our customers.

We work with you as an extension of your organization to provide the specialized expertise that augments the capability of your own personnel. In the process of jointly defining solutions, we transfer the knowledge to further build the capacity of your organization. Logres provides you with expertise and facilitated implementation in the following strategic areas:

 Building companies.
Building markets.

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