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What's In A Name?

We're often asked what the company name means (and how to pronounce it). We've chosen the name and logo to reflect how we choose to live and do business as well as to represent our core belief in the inherent potential for individual innovation. 

Derived from the Welsh word “Lloegr”, Logres (pr. lō'-grĕz) often refers to the values of integrity, compassion, and justness that formed the foundation for the realm of King Arthur within Camelot. The name has been selected as a reminder that these core values underpin our daily actions as well as the activities of the company in both its work with its customers and its relationships within the world community. 

The Logres logo is an ancient Celtic symbol representing the creation and constant movement of the universe. It symbolizes the concepts of growth, expansion, and interconnectedness, and reflects the importance of growth and development beyond our traditional comfort zones. The logo emphasizes the unlimited ability of individual and organizational innovation, creativity, and growth to address new challenges in effective ways.

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